Credit System

With the addition of more and more fitness programmes, we’re introducing our credit system to simplify payments.

When on the credit system, you top up the amount and you will deduct credits as you use. So you have the flexibility of switching between programs without having to purchase multiple packages.

The rates will be based on standard single session class rates. SURFSET classes will be deducted at $35 per class, POUND at $23, and Get Fit! at $35.

However, to give you the same value as before (if you were buying packs), every top-up will be rewarded with extra credits!

  • Surfer Rush: Top up $200, and get rewarded with additional $12 credits (total $212)
  • Shark Seeker: Top up $350, and get rewarded with additional $40 credits (total $390)
  • Beast Mode: Top up $900, and get rewarded with additional $230 (total $1130). Credits can be shared with a workout buddy.

How does it compare to buying Packs of each class?

For the added flexibility, you may end up paying a little bit more per class. At the same time, you may end up paying a lot less as well, depending on the top-up packs you purchase and the classes you choose to go for. As an example:

A SURFSET Pack of 10 is $310 for 10 classes, so that’s $31 per class.

If you use a top-up of $350, you get total $390 credits which can be used to pay for 11 classes (with $5 credit left-over). With this calculation, you’ll be essentially paying $31.36 per class [($350 – $5) / 11 = $31.36]

If you were intending to go exclusively for SURFSET classes, you may choose to opt for the SURFSET Pack of 10 instead for the slight benefit. However, if you’d like to mix it up a bit, the credit system is going to work far better for you!

What if I have a balance of credits and do not wish to continue?

You can have the option of topping up the difference to attend your last class at the standard single session rate. With the example above, there is a balance of $5 credits. You may top up $30, to attend a $35 SURFSET class, or top up $18 to attend a POUND class.

In these cases, you should contact us directly so that we can help you top-up in specific amounts.

We are not able to make any refunds.