SURFSET Fitness Turtle Mural on wall with waves

Thank you for surfing with us!

After 8 years, it’s finally time to say goodbye.

First of all, I think it’s important to state upfront that this is a very positive, happy goodbye. We’ve met so many people through the years, and many of them have formed into long-lasting friendships.

Like any journey, we’ve had our fair shares of ups and downs. And like most journeys, it inevitably and naturally comes to an end.

We’ve taken the time to reminisce about our beginnings – our favourite turtle motif on the wall of our Joo Chiat studio, to participating in events and toiling with the logistics of our boards. We’re grateful to all the people – clients, instructors, vendors, and partners – who have taken time to engage with us, even if it’s just a 10 minute session on Siloso beach.

To our instructors over the years, I thank you for helping lift up our standards, and our clients’ lives.

To our valued clients who have placed their trust in us to deliver results to something as personal as health and fitness, we hope we’ve done something you can be proud of.

To all our vendors and associates, thank you for supporting us.

And as we think about the end, we can’t help but think about all the things to be grateful for, and all the things to look forward to.

Until next time,