SURFSET Challenge poses November 2016

It’s November! We promise not to start playing any Christmas jingles in our studio just yet, so don’t worry.

New models for this month’s challenge poses! They were all willing participants and none were harmed in the capturing of these photos. But first – our regular stick figure stars!


Side lunge

“As we lunge to the left, as we lunge to the right…”

yay-to-side-lunges-2How to do a side lunge

  1. Start off feet together at top of main pad. Take a large step with the left foot towards to tail of the board and lunge towards the floor.
  2. Ensure left knee does not extend past the toes and right leg is kept straight.

Bonus challenge: do the side lunge workout while grooving to the full length of Ariana Grande’s Side to Side. 3.46 minutes of working those glutes and quads!

Bow pose variation

Notch your toes, stretch your muscles, and be a bow without an arrow in this yoga pose, as Gracia below demonstrates.

Half bow pose

Half bow pose

How to do a bow pose variation (1/2 bow pose)

  1. Lie in prone position and extend right arm forward with the palm facing down.
  2. Bend the right knee and reach the left hand back to hold onto the right foot or ankle.
  3. Keep core engaged, activate your glutes and lift thighs up and off the board.  Your head, chest and upper torso will also lift away from the board. Kick right foot into the left hand and lift the right heel up towards the ceiling. Keep neck in line with the spine.
  4. Slowly exhale and lower the leg, arm, head and chest down to the board.

Revolved hand-to-toe pose

Get acquainted with your one-footed stability with this pose. If you do it right, people will have trouble telling exactly where you’re facing.

Revolved hand to toe pose

Revolved hand-to-toe pose

How to do a revolved hand-to-toe pose

  1. Start off with feet together in nose facing position. Place left foot along the center line of the board. Transfer all your weight onto your left foot and hug your right knee to your chest.
  2. Grab your right big toe or hold the outer right foot with your left hand.
  3. Reach your right arm towards the tail of the board and extend your right leg forward towards the nose of the board.
  4. Inhale to lengthen spine and exhale to deepen the twist.

That’s it, folks! See you in the studio!