SURFSET Fitness Turtle Mural on wall with waves

Thank you for surfing with us!

After 8 years, it’s finally time to say goodbye.

First of all, I think it’s important to state upfront that this is a very positive, happy goodbye. We’ve met so many people through the years, and many of them have formed into long-lasting friendships.

Like any journey, we’ve had our fair shares of ups and downs. And like most journeys, it inevitably and naturally comes to an end.

We’ve taken the time to reminisce about our beginnings – our favourite turtle motif on the wall of our Joo Chiat studio, to participating in events and toiling with the logistics of our boards. We’re grateful to all the people – clients, instructors, vendors, and partners – who have taken time to engage with us, even if it’s just a 10 minute session on Siloso beach.

To our instructors over the years, I thank you for helping lift up our standards, and our clients’ lives.

To our valued clients who have placed their trust in us to deliver results to something as personal as health and fitness, we hope we’ve done something you can be proud of.

To all our vendors and associates, thank you for supporting us.

And as we think about the end, we can’t help but think about all the things to be grateful for, and all the things to look forward to.

Until next time,


SURFSET Virtual Classes

How have you been working out during this period?

We’ll admit that we haven’t been active during these few months, with all the closures of businesses and venues. OCBC Arena is still closed till now.

Many of our clients have been asking us when we’ll be back, and with regards to the studio at OCBC Arena, we still don’t know.

However, we’re back virtually!

We have started virtual classes to bring the surf to the comfort of your home. We’ll be working out with our unique, surf-inspired style, but without the SURFSET boards.

Our programmes are designed to work your body, build your core, and challenge yourself. While the SURFSET boards add the element of balance and ramps up the intensity, we’ve been testing off-board sessions to great feedback and results. What you’ll find is a challenging workout that can elevate your heart rate and burn whatever GrabFood calories you’ve ordered.

You can sign up by checking the class schedules here, and by signing up using your MindBody accounts, or simply texting us on WhatsApp.

How it works

Once you’re signed up, you’ll get details of the class including the links to access the video conference. We use Zoom, which I think by now many people are familiar with.

Simply join the call 5 minutes before the class time, and get moving.

What you need

  • A screen, with Zoom installed, to see your instructor (laptop, iPad, tablet). Phones can work but their screens are small, so you may have difficulty seeing the instructor.
  • An internet connection
  • An exercise mat
  • Sufficient space to move around
  • A way for the instructor to see you is highly recommended, so he or she can comment and work on your form and movements

At any rate, you can clarify your questions and concerns with us through WhatsApp!

Rent a board

We’ve also had people asking us if we can rent out the boards and conduct virtual, on-board classes. Let’s just say that this is an ongoing project that we’re looking to launch! Stay tuned!

Continued Closure of OCBC Arena, Sports Hub

Despite the reopening of many venues following Singapore’s entry into Phase Two, we remain closed.

As OCBC Arena is being used as a venue to house migrant workers, the area is closed to the public until further notice. This means that our SURFSET and other classes will not be able to run. There’s still no timeline given to us regarding the safe reopening of the venue, but we’ll keep you informed as we get any updates along the way.

Our clients’ safety has always been our top priority, so we encourage all of you to stay safe and avoid heading out anyway.

In the meantime, we have started offering virtual classes! Do show your support by joining us.

Stay safe!

Paddles on Wave 2018 cover

SURFSET at Paddles on Wave, PA Water-Venture ECP

We had lots of fun by the sea with you guys! A big thank you for all of you who turned up and gave our boards a go. Here are some snippets of what went down on Sunday during the Paddles on Wave event:

Bonus points if you caught sight of the girl chasing her runaway skateboard in the background!

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Upcoming Event – Paddles on WaVe: 2 Sep 2018

Event over!

This event is over! To see what went on during the event, check our event post!

People’s Association (PA) is organizing its 2018 Paddles on WaVe event, and SURFSET Singapore is going to be there!

We were actually part of the line-up two years ago, remember? No? See what went on at PA Paddles on WaVe 2016.

Paddles on WaVe

Paddles on WaVe is a one-day event with lots of sand-and-sea fun, described as “a combination of water and beach lifestyle sport carnival”. To be specific, it’s PA Water-Venture East Coast who’s organizing this event.

Activities include Kayaking, Stand-up Paddling, Windsurfing, Beach yoga, and of course SURFSET Fitness. Read more

Snowboarding in Asia - Niseko Peak View

Singaporean’s Guide to Snowboarding in Asia

Snowboarding View from Niseko Peak

UPDATE 2018: We’ve added in Club Med Tomamu, Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, and Karuizawa into our list of ski resorts, and updated the cost comparison table.

Some nights we sleep, and we can hear the smooth, muffled sounds of the board carving into the snow, and feel the satisfying thrill of whooshing down a mountain. Yes, we love snowboarding. Unfortunately, it’s an expensive hobby for a Singaporean, seeing how we have no snow here. Still, in the winter months, many Singaporeans flock to far flung lands to catch some snow. We’re one of them.

When talking about skiing and snowboarding, many people inadvertently think of the Swiss, French, and Italian Alps, or Colorado in the States, or Whistler in Canada. But these places are far. Thankfully, there are nearer places to ski and snowboard. These countries are easily accessible and are already favourite travel destinations with many Singaporeans – Japan and Korea.

We’ve been snowboarding in many places around the world, but we found that the experience in Japan and Korea are not that far from Europe. In fact, in some ways, we found it superior. Here, we’ll share with you some of the resorts we’ve been to, our personal experiences and opinions of them, and hopefully help you decide which would be a good option. We’ll list nine resorts:

  1. Yong Pyong, Korea
  2. Alpensia, Korea
  3. High1, Korea
  4. Niseko, Japan
  5. Furano, Japan
  6. Kiroro, Japan
  7. Club Med Tomamu, Japan
  8. Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, Japan
  9. Karuizawa, Japan

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Hoshino Tomamu

Club Med Tomamu: A Snowboarding Review

We went to check out Club Med Tomamu in March this year (2018), soon after they opened their doors. New rooms? All-inclusive holiday? Drinks and beers all through the day? All-day buffet with no extra cost? What’s not to like?

Turns out, as is with most things, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

Note: this post is part of our snowboarding series. Planning a snowboarding holiday? Make sure to check our Guide to Snowboarding in Japan and Korea.

Club Med Tomamu Review

Puffy snow is always nice!

Club Med Tomamu

Club Med Tomamu is very new – it just opened in December 2017, and we there in March.

The information available online about the area is scarce, so we’re here to prepare you. Everyone talks about Club Med Tomamu, but not so much about how the ski runs and lifts work, and their neighbour Hoshino Resorts. This is the lowdown: Read more

Sports Hub Community Play Day!

We were at the Sports Hub Community Play Day over the last weekend! Did you see us?

No worries if you didnt, you can look here:


What’s this Play Day?

Sports Hub Community Play Days are quarterly events held around Singapore Sports Hub’s venues. Organised by Singapore Sports Hub, it aims to bring together the community and families through sports and other lifestyle experiences.

SURFSET Fitness was at the 6th edition, held at the stadium, no less! It was an action packed series, looking near and far for a Sports Hub Super Warrior!

sports hub super warrior Read more

Happy faces! Big smiles after the incredible acro yoga session!

ACROVINYASA Acroyoga Workshop with Sara Wee and Rachel Ng

Our friends from The Yoga Mandala came by for our first ever Acroyoga ACROVINYASA Workshop! Leading the class was Sara Wee and Rachel Ng, who led us from solo vinyasas, to (erm) team-bonding activities, and finally with partner inversions and acroyoga. A happy group of 15 SURFSET regulars turned up to get stacked and get jacked.

Sara did promise that things may get chaotic during the session, and boy it did. Lots of triumphant high-fives, spotters rushing to catch a fall, nervous laughter, flat-out laughter, and the occasional scream. Needless to say, we all had great fun. Shuyi had the foresight to get her husband help film a short video for the enjoyment of everyone. Here it goes!

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Acroyoga Acrovinyasa Workshop

Upcoming Event – Acrovinyasa Workshop 29 Apr 2017

Event over!

This event is over! To see what went on during the event, check our event post!

Looks like all that thinking from Shuyi’s last Acroyoga session has materialized into something more. We’re super excited to announce our first ever Acroyoga Workshop! It’ll be held on 29 Apr 2017, a Saturday, and based on Acrovinyasa – a variant which unites elements from acroyoga and vinyasa flows. It’ll be conducted by Acrovinyasa certified instructors Sara Wee and Rachel Ng from The Yoga Mandala.

Acroyoga Acrovinyasa Workshop Read more