SURFSET on Channel 8 with Lim Peifen and Kym Ng

SURFSET Fitness was featured on TV! We were on air last night on the 3rd of September 2016 on Mediacorp Channel 8‘s programme Here’s to Health, or in Chinese, 8频道 – 健康在于你.

SURFSET on Channel 8

SURFSET with Lim Peifen and Kym Ng on Channel 8

The programme’s host, Lim Peifen (林佩芬), came down to the SURFSET Fitness studio in Katong with the episode’s guest star Kym Ng (钟琴). Kym’s a very active person, and Peifen was looking for something to challenge her physically. Step in SURFSET Fitness!

Shuyi was in the studio all ready for them. They started off with a quick conversation, in which we’ll briefly translate into English here:

Peifen: Wah, all these contraptions look fun – what exactly are they?

Shuyi: These are exercise equipment that mimic the sport of surfing.

Peifen: So it’s an indoor surfing workout.

Shuyi: Yes!

Peifen: Why is there such a thing?

Shuyi: In Singapore, you have to travel overseas to places like Bali to surf. For those people who are unable to travel, they can come here! There are also those who may be afraid of the water or the sea – they can now try out surfing here.

Peifen: Will people get giddy or motion sick on the boards?

Shuyi: Basically no – but we’ve had a participant take motion sickness pills!

Kym: Wah, very exaggerated leh!

Shuyi: Really!

Kym: Will we fall down? Can we turn the motor setting down?

Peifen: There’s no motor!

Shuyi then got them on board and ran a session for them – watch how Kym proudly lifts up both legs while sitting on the board on her first try, simultaneously shouting “Woaaah”, how Peifen screams out that it’s killling her thighs, and how both of them were wobbling on the boards, laughing away. Looks like they had great fun, and we really dig Kym’s rodeo moves at the end!

You can watch the full episode on Toggle – Mediacorp’s online video service – click here for the full episode. Or you can just click play on the embedded video below! Fast forward to 17.48 if you’d like to head straight to the SURFSET segment.

In case that doesn’t work, you can watch it below for the SURFSET specific segment on Youtube.

It was great fun working with them, and seeing ourselves on TV! A big thank you to the two hosts and to all of you at Mediacorp. Also thanks to Yakult, the sponsor of the show.

As for the rest of you – you’ve seen how fun and challenging our classes can be. Get on board soon – we’ll be waiting! We’ll leave you with this:

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