SURFSET Challenge Poses September 2015

It’s September! *cue Green Day

But don’t go sleeping yet! Sleep is important for overall well-being, and we really do love a good night’s sleep, but to sleep an entire month just seems like a ludicrous notion. There are so many things to do! So many sights to see! So many things to get challenged by!

This month’s challenge poses are officially seeking challengers! Warriors and triangles, to be exact.

Yoga pose challenge drawing on whiteboard - Warrior I, Warrior III, Triangle pose

These yoga poses aren’t that complicated, but remember that everything is harder on the board. Some people find it hard to stand up straight on the board, so for these people, it’s going to be difficult attempting a Warrior III, standing on one leg.

Fret not! We’re here to help. Drop by the studio or hang around after class, and get one of our lovely instructors to give you a hand. We could help you out with getting into position, or for most part we could help out by operating the camera. Click click!