Do Yoga with SURFSET Fitness at Soulscape – Upcoming event: 12 Sep 2015

Event over!

This event is over! To see what went on during the event, check our event post!

It’s the new, 2015 version of our favourite Yoga event! Favourite because it’s at the beach, and also because we had such a blast at Soulscape 2014 last year! After having such a great time last year, we couldn’t say no to bringing our SURFSET Fitness boards down to Sentosa again this year.

This year’s event features an even wider line up of yoga names, or Tribal Leaders as they like to call it. There’s Cristi Christensen, Daniel Rojas, Amanda Koh, Theresa Shan, just to name a few. Expect music and sound from prominent names like DJ Doopz and Clara Chua. And it’s not just a yoga event – there will be plenty of other activities such as healing, dance, and of course, SURFSET! We’re listed in the page – see here!

Once again, we’ll be having a set of challenge yoga poses for you to attempt on our board – they range from the simple tree pose to the harder crow pose. We’ll be with you, so fret not if you can’t find your footing – it’s harder on the board. But not impossible, as our instructor Shuyi proves:

Shuyi in Yoga Crow Pose on Surfset Board at Sentosa

Yep, looks like she’s flying, just like a graceful crow. We found that the event-goers at Soulscape really love to challenge themselves, especially when it comes to yoga poses, so get yourself ready, pass us your camera, and we’ll be happy to snap some photos of you for your bragging rights.

And just like last year, we’ll be holding SURFSET Fitness classes at certain intervals. Try coming down early to book a timing with us, so that you and some other friends will be able to have a taste of what our SURFSET Fitness classes are like – it’s not just about yoga!

Soulscape Yoga Event Poster with surfset promo

Soulscape will be on 12th September 2015 at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa. For more details, click here.

Edit: This event is over. To know what went on during the event, check our post!