Soulscape Yoga Festival - Dream Love Live Joy badges

SURFSET Fitness at Soulscape 2015

We came, we saw, we did yoga poses on our boards. It was an absolutely fantastic day with the haze in remission and the sun nice and bright on the beach. Soulscape 2015 was held early today, and it was early today when we dragged our boards over to Tanjong Beach at Sentosa to join in the fun and festivities of this yoga event.

It’s not our first time at Soulscape. We were also here for Soulscape 2014 and we had a great time, so, we thought, let’s do it again!

Soulscape 2015 - Surfset Fitness boards at Sentosa

Our instructors Shuyi, Gillian, and Natalie (left from right) were present at Soulscape, and here is photographic evidence of their attendance.

Soulscape 2015 Yoga event with SURFSET instructors

We had lots of fun meeting new people at the beach and at the event, and it’s really great to see such enthusiasm in a crowd of people – whether it’s doing yoga, meeting new people, or trying out fun new stuff, such as SURFSET! As promised, we ran our fitness classes through the day, and it was really a day jam packed with meeting new friends, running classes, and going through with newcomers the intricacies of attempting our challenge poses on the SURFSET boards.

Soulscape 2015 Surfset Core training

Soulscape 2015 Surfset Yoga Class

Participants having fun with Surfset during Soulscape Yoga Event

Doing HIIT on Surfset board during Soulscape Yoga Event

Intheloop did a great job once again of organizing the event, which ran super smoothly, with a great, big crowd of happy people. And besides SURFSET, there was a whole range of other activities and workshops all over the beach. We love being in such events which such a high concentration of energy and happiness!

2015’s iteration of Soulscape has thus concluded and for us at SURFSET Fitness, we were really happy to be out and meeting so many new people. As always, it was a pain moving our 1.8m long SURFSET boards about, but nothing we won’t do for you lovely people.

Thank you all for coming down to try our boards, and we can’t wait to see you in our studio! For more photos, check our Facebook photo album. While you’re there, like us if you like us!