Lorna Jane Fit Challenge at Surfset Fitness

Lorna Jane LJ Fit Challenge with SURFSET Fitness

Had a great time with our Lorna Jane Fit Challengers! As part of the LJ Fit Challenge, SURFSET Fitness Singapore gamely hosted a challenge class for some LJ Fit ladies.

The LJ Fit Challenge is all about embracing active living. We thought – we’re pretty much proponents of that too! Working with activewear brands has always been intuitive for us, because while it’s important to be comfortable in our own skins, we also believe in the importance of being comfortable in our own clothes.

Lorna Jane Singapore

Lorna Jane is an activewear and sportswear brand hailing from Australia. Their aim is to inspire women to live their best life through active living, with a wide range of sports and fitness clothes for women. While apparel is their primary scope, they are also very involved in lots of sports and activities, all as part of their Active Living campaign with the Move Nourish Believe tagline. We love these words!

Lorna Jane Fit Challenge

The Lorna Jane Fit Challenge, or LJFitChallenge for short (and for hashtags), is a membership for getting fit! You get a bunch of stuff such as a Move Guide, some clothes, cookbooks and rewards membership. The package also includes a bunch of other events and vouchers such as bootcamps, yoga sessions, spinning classes and most importantly (to us) SURFSET Fitness sessions!

We think this is a really cool initiative by Lorna Jane Singapore and we’re happy to be part of it! Getting people up and about in active living is a great message, and combining all these superb events and sessions into a challenge is really good value.

Thanks to Lorna Jane Singapore and the Fit challengers, but when it comes to SURFSET, one Balance session is really just the tip of the iceberg. We welcome all of you back into the studio soon for some advanced classes to sweat it up!