#SweatForNepal Charity Fitness Event

SweatForNepal Instructors 2

#SweatForNepal has concluded, and we are very happy to be part of the crew that raised more than SGD 7,000 for relief efforts in Nepal! The SweatForNepal website has been updated with some photos, and we think the conclusion text is summarizes the event very well:

Thanks for everybody’s support! #SweatForNepal has concluded and raised $7,127 of donations for the Singapore Red Cross Society, which will be directed towards relief operations for the people displaced and affected by the earthquake in Nepal.

The early dawn rain was kind enough to stop before our event, lending the morning a cool breeze as we set up the area in Singapore Sports Hub 100 PLUS Promenade for 200 participants. They followed our scheduled workout programs, starting with Zumba with Edwin and Ghani, followed by Bootcamp with Sara and Sari, Bollyrobics with Namrta, and finally Yoga with Jessica.

At the sidelines were the organizers Team Axis taking care of the logistics and making sure everything went smoothly, as well as our sponsors Musearts, who kindly took care of and entertained the young ones, and Surfset Singapore, who set up a Surfset Area with four boards for participants to hop on and give their Ripsurfser X boards a try.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed in making this event a success – the organizers Team Axis who covered all the necessary permits, paperwork, and venue and emergency details; the Singapore Red Cross Society; the Singapore Police Force; all the volunteers who worked so hard and so well together in such short notice; and the sponsors who contributed to the event and to the goodie bags.

Finally, we would like to thank the participants for their generous donations in helping out the people in Nepal. Thank you for making the event a success, and thank you for giving so freely to the people in need.

We hereby send our well-wishes to the people of Nepal, as one spirited group uniting in one cause – Stay strong, and our thoughts are with you.

The team at SURFSET Fitness were really happy to be part of this event. We were by no means major contributors to the event nor to the fund, but we did what we could. A few hard days’ labour of sorting and moving goodie bags, transporting boards, and lifting equipment brought about a great sense of achievement and satisfaction, all the more knowing it was effort towards a good cause. The total amount raised of more than $7ooo may not seem like much, but every penny counts. We would like to thank everyone who donated so generously.

Sweatfornepal charity contribution to singapore red cross society receipt

SURFSET Fitness would also like to thank the entire team of very dedicated people who made this event a success, and who were kind enough to give us this opportunity to be a part of it. We are amazed at the effort, efficiency, and coordination of all involved, and we are humbled by how readily and willingly everyone contributed.

SweatForNepal Team


SURFSET Fitness at #SweatForNepal

While we weren’t part of the main fitness sessions lined up for the event (we definitely didn’t have enough boards for the turn out), we did have fun conducting free sessions for event participants. A big thank you to all of you who graced our boards with your wobbling and your sweat!

SweatForNepal Surfset Instructors

Our SURFSET Fitness instructors – Natalie, Shuyi (complete with 7 month pregnant tummy), and Gillian.


SweatForNepal Jessica Sinclair

Jessica Sinclair in a Crow pose on our board – with her silhouette looking almost like it’s flying amidst the Singapore sky.


SweatForNepal Sari Marsden

Sari Marsden in a split on our board – she also ran a Bootcamp session later in the day.


SweatForNepal Wefie

A wefie taken by Barbara Latimer, the host of the event.


SweatForNepal Sara and Jessica

Sara Wee and Jessica Sinclair in an absolutely beautiful pose with the #SweatForNepal flag.


SweatForNepal Surfset Participant 3

Shuyi having fun with our SURFSET Fitness participants.


SweatForNepal Surfset Participant 2

One of the SURFSET Fitness sessions we held for event participants.


SweatForNepal Surfset Child

Children welcome too!


SweatForNepal Surfset Participant 1

Planking and posing with the #SweatForNepal flag, atop our board.


SweatForNepal Sara Wee

Sara Wee in a Crow pose on our board – look at those arms!


SURFSET Fitness Singapore wishes the people of Nepal well – stay strong!