SURFSET Challenge Poses August 2016

August is here! We count one public holiday (National day), one festival (Hungry Ghost), and one season (durian).

We also count three challenge poses for you people. Yoga poses!

August 2016 Surfset Yoga challenge pose

  1. Warrior II – get grounded and open your hips and chest, like a warrior.
  2. Baby Crow – balance on your arms, like a baby crow.
  3. UTTHITA HASTA PADANGUSTASANA – gosh we hope we spelt that right. Catch a tiger by its toe.

Writing this got us wondering what a baby crow actually looks like. This site shows us the many myths on the internet on what a baby crow looks like. Apparently, people believe this is a baby crow:



But they say it’s not – it’s a baby buff banded rail (no idea what that is either).  Credit: The Cordid Blog

So what does a baby crow look like, you ask. Here:

baby crow

A young baby crow, only a few days old. Photo by Melanie Piazza at Wild Care.

Yep, looks just like the yoga pose.

Come in to the studio to try the challenge poses, and we promise to take flattering photos of you, unlike that poor crow. See you!