• An inspired studio
    An inspired studio
  • Shake up your workout!
    Shake up your workout!
  • Get on board!
    Get on board!
  • Welcome to SURFSET Fitness!
    Welcome to SURFSET Fitness!



Engaging. Balance. Fun. These are some of the words thrown around in our studio in Joo Chiat, all in an effort to describe the experience of our special SURFSET fitness classes. We believe it’s about much more than that – Surfset is a fitness philosophy all about getting fit through natural movements, with the added dimension of an unstable board to work your core.

The SURFSET workout method is a fitness program inspired by the sport of Surfing. SURFSET Fitness is the world’s most unique workout, combining elements of aerobic fat burning, lean muscle build, and balance & core training in one 45-minute routine, performed on top of a custom made unstable surfboard.

We draw inspiration from the adventurous spirit of surfers, and each workout is designed to push your limits for ultimate results. SURFSET Fitness focuses heavily on the core, where all of our strength and body control stem from.

Imagine combining the cardio benefits of Spinning® with the muscle toning of TRX® training and the core and balance benefits of Yoga & Pilates. Now add in our signature surf-inspired moves for a fun and engaging workout!

We invite you to have a poke around our website to find out who we are, what to expect in our classes, why you should do SURFSET, when our classes are, how much each class costs and where to find our studio.

We can’t wait to have you on board!


Improve core strength
and balance

Instructor Gillian on Surfset Fitness Board doing side plank

Burn fat and improve cardiovascular health

Gillian on Surfset Fitness board in Yoga pose

Build and tone
lean muscle

Instructor Shuyi on Surfset Fitness board doing breakdance pose



  • Single Class
    SGD35per class
    • Pay-as-you-go
    • One time use
  • Pack of 5
    SGD33per class
    • $165 for 5 classes
    • Valid for 2 months

Media Mentions

  • I’m already practising yoga and had thought my core stability was good. Surfset forced me to really engage my core and focus on my balance. It also helped me realise that I’ve not been distributing my weight evenly.

    Glow MagazineFerina Natasya
  • To put things in perspective, I barely survived the entry-level Balance class despite doing yoga twice or thrice a week.

    SHAPE MagazineEstelle Low
  • Keeping the board from wobbling too much is definitely a lot of work for your core muscles

    Timeout SingaporeNatasha Hong
  • The movements certainly came more naturally than in many of the other classes we tried

    I-S Magazine
  • This fast-paced workout trains flexibility, core muscle strength and balance (with three different programmes), and gives your flab a good ‘ol jiggle.

    8 DaysAshley Yeo

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